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Offer UrbanSitter as a childcare benefit

Reduce absenteeism due to gaps in childcare
Boost productivity and satisfaction
Attract and retain top talent

Designed for working parents to find and manage childcare

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Nationwide coverage across 65+ cities
Find sitters through friends and co‑workers
Backup care solution for last minute needs
Occasional and part-time childcare
Find, book and pay — on the app & online

"66% of parents leave their current job for one with better benefits"

– The Pew Research Center

"80% of parents ranked availability of childcare as important in their decision to work for a company."

– U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
"Offering UrbanSitter membership to our employees has been a smart, cost effective way to show our parents that we value them and want to provide benefits that make their lives easier."

– OpenTable HR

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